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About This Blog

I’m Karen, a Brazilian girl living in Australia. Welcome to the blog!

I started this blog 20 years ago (yes, you read that right!). When I was just 10 years old, my dad gave me 3 gifts: this website domain and 2 books: Photoshop for Beginners and HTML for Beginners.
That’s how it all started!

Over the years this blog has been my home on the internet. My extension, part of who I am. Among so many passions and hobbies, this blog has always been the only constant in my life.

This is a space where I share a snippets of my life, but also interesting things that I learn and find around.

I’m a curious person by nature and I always have new stuff to share. Something new I discovered, a new course I started, a recipe I tried or something random I found on the internet.

That’s why here you’ll find a little bit of everything and with me you’ll never die of boredom, because there’s always something different going on :)

Some of my core beliefs

Some of the dreams I already manifested

Doing an exchange program in Australia, having the dog of my dreams, teach workshops, live somewhere with ocean views, going on a road trip around Australia… there were so many things on my bucket list that became my reality! And I want to help you manifest your dreams too!

My Manifest

I’m a citizen of the world who is always looking for change. I’m the owner of my own choices and free from the pre-established society standards.

I don’t fit into any existing title, position or label, as I am a unique being. I do what I love and use my natural talents to contribute to the world.

I don’t settle to wait until retirement to live my dreams and I believe that life is happening now. The world is my home. I value experiences that will expand my horizons. I commit to living by my own rules.

I have the perfect balance between following my plan and being open to the surprises that the journey will bring. I trust my instincts and let curiosity be my guru.

I’m sure I’m always in the right place at the right time. I’m in tune with the universe and I know that life will always bring everything I need.