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What would you do if you could have anything you wanted in the world?

A bucket list is a list of dreams. It’s a list of everything you want to do before you die

Did you know that when we write our dreams on paper, we increase the chance of them coming true by 42%?
Here I share with you some of the dreams on my list. Maybe you feel inspired to start your own list too? :)

Top 10 things I want to do before I die

  1. Be a full time blogger
  2. Make 7 digits with my blog
  3. Go on a trip around the world
  4. Have my family visiting me in Australia
  5. Have a white Christmas
  6. See the aurora borealis
  7. See a full solar eclipse (08/04/2024 – Canada)
  8. Do the project and build my own house
  9. Write a book
  10. Go to Disneyland

Other 200 things I want to do


  1. Hawaii
  2. Roadtrip in Nova Zelândia
  3. Uluru, Austrália
  4.  Machu Picchu
  5. Iceland
  6. Buthan
  7. Cruises to New Caledonia
  8. Egypt
  9. Roswell, USA
  10. Mexico
  11. Aruba
  12. Alaska
  13. Visit all states in Australia (5/8)



  14. See a meteor shower
  15. See Nazca lines from the sky
  16. Swim with dolphins
  17. Go on a long trip on a train
  18. Visit a castle
  19. Safari in Africa
  20. Eat pizza in Chicago
  21. Visit a tulip field
  22. Visit a lavender field
  23. Watch cholas fighting in Bolivia
  24. See a pink lagoon
  25. Watch ballet in Russia
  26. Go to the Luna Park
  27. Spend NYE in Sydney
  28. Go inside an igloo
  29. Go inside a pyramid in Egypt
  30. Watch a concert in Sydney Opera House
  31. Flight first class
  32. Go to an indian wedding
  33. Gondola cruise
  34. Spend NYE in an cruise that celebrates NYE twice
  35. See the cherry trees blooming in Japan
  36. Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef
  37. See lava
  38. Visit the Louvre Museum
  39. Go glamping
  40. Visit Central Park in NY
  41. Roadtrip in Rout 66
  42. Gamble in Las Vegas
  43. Order breakfast in a hotel room
  44. Stay in a 5 stars resort, all included
  45. Walk in a sand desert
  46. Visit Salar de Uyuni in summer
  47. Flight in a private jet
  48. Stay in an underwater hotel
  49. Stay in a sand hotel
  50. Sleep in a capsule hotel
  51. Stay in a boat house
  52. Walk on Hollywood Walk of Fame
  53. Sit under Hollywood sign
  54. Visit Amazonas
  55. Travel on Orient Express
  56. Travel on Eurotrem
  57. Travel on Trans-Siberian
  58. Go from Spain to Portugal in a zipline (
  59. Go to Sun Pictures in Broome
  60. Swim in the public swimming pool in Bondi
  61. Sleep on Shangri La Hotel in Sydney
  62. Have a floating breakfast in Bali
  63. Watch baby turtles hatch
  64. Swim in Hamurana Springs, NZ
  65. Walk on China Great Wall


  66. Holi Festival, India
  67. Oktoberfest, Germany
  68. Venice Carnival, Italy


  69. Weekly videos on YouTube
  70. Receive a YouTube Creators Award
  71. Learn how to edit videos
  72. Give a TED Talks speech
  73. Create a podcast show
  74. Create an incredible workbook with inspiring self development tools
  75. Go to Vidcon
  76. Organize a “bloggers meetup”
  77. Create a mastermind
  78. Launch an online course
  79. Organize a travel expedition group
  80. Create and sell tshirts
  81. Be on a magazine
  82. Do a travel documentary for Netflix
  83. Have a page on Wikipedia about my story
  84. Be paid to travel


  85. Be happy with my body
  86. Overcome the fear of driving
  87. Read 1 book per month for 1 year
  88. Read my natal chart with Luís Louceiro
  89. Hire a personal stylist for a wardrobe makeover
  90. Have someone to do tarot card reading with me
  91. Spend the day in a spa, all included
  92. Spend an entire week with no social media at all
  93. Try fasting for a week
  94. Celebrate my wedding anniversary as if it was another wedding
  95. Receive a breakfast basket in a special occasion
  96. Go to an escape room
  97. Celebrate Thanksgiving
  98. Ride a horse
  99. Be maid of honour
  100. Do an DNA test to learn more about my heritage
  101. Go to Outback Spectacular
  102. Play Twister
  103. Have a business mentor
  104. Receive my Australian drive license
  105. Live in Europe for a few months
  106. Give blood
  107. Foster a dog
  108. Help someone to achieve an iten from their bucket list
  109. Pay a coffee for a stranger
  110. Receive helium balloons in an special occasion
  111. Do a time capsule
  112. Do indoor rock climbing
  113. Swim in a giant ball pool
  114. Play golf
  115. Play tennis
  116. Find a four-leaf clover
  117. Go to a Zumba class
  118. Go to a latin dance class
  119. Be welcomed with pick up signs at the airport
  120. Welcome someone with pick up signs at the airport
  121. Start to invest my money


  122. Celebrate my birthday with a picnic with my family
  123. Live so close to my family that I can drive to visit them
  124. Spend Christmas with my family every year


  125. Bellydancing class
  126. Learn how to read a natal chart
  127. 50s rock’n’roll  dancing class
  128. Learn a new language (italian, spanish or french)
  129. Learn about investing my money
  130. Learn how to make the perfect tapioca
  131. Learn how to make the perfect chia pudding
  132. Learn how to make the perfect chai latte
  133. Learn how to dance all the single ladies like Beyonce
  134. Learn how to make my wedding cake
  135. Learn how to say “thank you” in 10 different languages (4/10)
  136. Study astrocartography
  137. Hoola Hoops
  138. Mandalas course from Taty Alencar
  139. Learn how to do a perfect cat eyeline
  140. Throw a boomerang


  141. Have a beautiful garden full of flowers
  142. Have a dog
  143. Decorate the entire house with Christmas lights
  144. Spend 1 week living in a boat
  145. Have a tree house
  146. Do the konmari method in the entire house
  147. Have a really comfy sofa
  148. Have a bed like from a hotel room
  149. Make a rainbow tsurus wall
  150. Have a tea bar


  151. A polaroid
  152. A new computer
  153. Books from Meredith Gaston
  154. Rain boots
  155. A yellow or red rain coat
  156. A new iPhone with an amazing camera
  157. A fake leather black jacket
  158. A pair of boots that I love so much and wear it all the time 
  159. A car
  160. A new campervan
  161. A beachfront house
  162. A classic Australian hat 


  163. Zumbo’s dessert
  164. Have a drink on a very high rooftop
  165. Eat crumbled shrimp beachfront with my feet on sand + a very cold beer
  166. Make a gingerbread house
  167. Go to a café colonial
  168. Make Christmas cookies 
  169. Go to a high tea
  170. Go to a workshop where I cook my own dinner
  171. Eat pamonha
  172. Go to a secret restaurant where I don’t know where it is or what is the food
  173. Make fresh pasta
  174. Make an apple pie
  175. Eat something from my veggie garden


  176. See an alien
  177. Step in the moon
  178. See Earth from space


  179. Play lego
  180. Finish a puzzle
  181. Be an extra on a movie
  182. Play scrabble
  183. Try SUP


  184. Have a capsule wardrobe again
  185. Find an exercise that I enjoy and do it regularly 
  186. Practice yoga weekly
  187. Find a way to enjoy cooking
  188. Keep a night routine with good habits
  189. Go camping once a month
  190. Have a skin care routine



  191. Watch a movie in a drive-in
  192. Join the Fat Mum Slim Secret Santa
  193. Go to an event from Tony Robbins
  194. Go to an event from Kryon
  195. Do a silence retreat
  196. Hot air balloon
  197. Party on a boat
  198. Watch a Disney Musical
  199. Go to Freedom Floating
  200. Watch Cirque du Soleil
  201. Win a teddy bear in a park
  202. Do Colour Run
  203. Roller skating at the beach
  204. Receive a surprise birthday party
  205. Watch a game in a stadium
  206. Watch the world cup live
  207. Go ice skating
  208. Make a snow man
  209.  Go to a cat cafe
  210. Watch a rocket launching
  211. Sit inside an amethyst in Crystal Castle
  212. Build a sand castle
  213. Dance in the rain
  214. Meet the Zapp Family
  215. Meet Richard Branson
  216. Meet Nomadic Matt
  217. Walk in a labyrinth
  218. Hold a monkey in my arms
  219. Meet someone famous on the street
  220. Watch a TED Talks live
  221. Have someone reading my hand
  222. Go to an ice bar
  223. Give an autograph
  224. Go to a greek party and smash plates
  225. Go to Lights Out And Dance
  226. Go in a ghost tour
  227. Participate in a live auction
  228. Win an award
  229. Hire a limousine
  230. Be in a tea ceremony

    BHAG GOALS 2030

  231. Pay a trip to Disneyland for my entire family
  232. Inspire 10.000 people to give the first step to make their dreams come true
  233. A trip around the world in 80 dreams: travel to all continents and help 80 people to make their dream come true, and make a documentary about this experience for Netflix.