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How To Manifest A House: Top 7 Tips That Actually WORK!

How to manifest a house? This is the topic of our post today! One of the first challenges I had when I arrived in Australia, was to look for a house to live in. Unlike Brazil, the demand here is much greater than the supply. There are 20 people fighting to rent the same house 😰

The first time we went through this I was SO frustrated and tired of looking for a place that I just wanted to cry. That day I had the idea of ​​taking pen and paper and drawing the house I wanted to live in. I wrote down everything I wanted, the neighborhood, the price… and started carrying this folded paper in my pocket every time I went to an inspection.

We had been looking for 2 months and after making this drawing, within a week we entered a house EXACTLY the way I had drawn it! Ocean views, lots of natural light in all rooms… and at a price we could afford.

Since then I’ve lived in 7 different houses and used this technique every time! It never failed, whenever I needed to move I found a better house than the one we had before.

Today I’ll share with you how to manifest a house using 7 different hacks!

Manifest a house tip #01: put pen to paper

Draw your dream house on paper. Write a list with absolutely EVERYTHING you want: the colour of the floor, the neighborhood, how many rooms, who your neighbors are, what the price is, etc.

Manifesting your dream home tip #02: connect with the feeling

Maybe you don’t know exactly where this house is or what it looks like, but you do know how you want to feel. Close your eyes and feel yourself inside your new home. Feel safe, feel happy, feel the gratitude for being in this place… feel that feeling as if it’s already happening.

How to manifest a house tip #03: make a vision board

Look for images on Pinterest that represent homes you’d like to live in. Search kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom… imagine that you are looking for decorating inspiration for your home and put it all in your vision board!

How to manifest your dream home tip #04: go to inspections

I don’t want you to worry about the budget right now. Just choose a few houses you would like to live in, or in the neighborhood you want to live in and book a visit. Even if you are not going to close the deal with that house, you are starting to move that energy and telling the universe that you are making room for that type of residence. This works for either rental or buying.

manifest a house

How to manifest your dream home tip #05: get organised

Even if you don’t have a date to move yet, start by getting organised where you live today. Throw away broken objects, set aside what you no longer use for donation… this also helps to move energy and make room for change to happen.

How to manifest your dream home tip #06: walk around the neighborhood you want to live

Whether by car or on foot, go for a walk in the neighborhood where you want to live. Observe where there are parks, where there is a supermarket, where there is a pharmacy… start to familiarize yourself with the place even before moving there!

How to manifest a house tip #07: plan ahead and take action

Creating vision boards and visualizations is cool, but the law of attraction doesn’t work without action. By now you should already know the cost of that house you want, so plan ahead! If you’re renting, see where you can cut costs to pay the rent or ways to earn more money. If you’re going to buy, start planning savings, researching financial advice, etc.

manifest a house

I’m sure these tips will help you get your dream home! In the meanwhile, leave in the comments below what is your biggest challenge when it comes to finding your dream home. I want to help you overcome these challenges and find the house of your dreams!