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Natal Chart Astrology Mandala

This mandala is based on your natal chart. It’s an artistic representation of a photo of the sky from the exact moment you were born! The planets, astrological houses and signs are positioned exactly as they are in your birth chart. Astrological chart reading is not included.

Colours are for reference only and may vary slightly due to the difference in your cell phone or computer screen.

Important: when completing your purchase, I need you to write me the following information:
– city and country of birth
– date and time of birth exactly as it appears on your certificate, even if you were born during summer time ;)

Available Sizes and materials:
– MDF 22cm
– Paper A4 (frame not included)


*ps. The price is in Australian dollars and will be converted to your local currency at the time of checkout. It can be paid in 4 instalments when paid through PayPal.