Egyptian Goddess Isis

Isis is the Egyptian goddess who manifests dreams. She has the power to transition between worlds and so she has the power to bring our dreams from the world of ideas to the real world.

The design bears the symbol of the triangle, which was the first shape to appear in the universe and that is why it is a strong manifestation element. The lotus flower means overcoming challenges, as it is born from the mud and its petals remain perfectly free from impurities.

Amethysts bring transmutation, with the idea of ​​serving as a portal for your dreams to come from the field of ideas to your reality.

And finally, moon phases can also be used to co-create when you use this knowledge to plan your goals according to each phase.

This illustration is a daily reminder that every day is a day worth dreaming big and that Isis is here to help those dreams come true.

Material: High-Quality print from the original artwork, created in watercolour.

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