I'm Karen

A full-time dreamer.

I’m a travel & lifestyle blogger, podcaster, youtuber, public speaker and artist. In 2015 I moved to Australia to create my dream life and now I inspire people to write down their own bucket list and do the same.

This is Vanilla the van, my husband David and our fur baby Bowie. Together we travel Australia exploring new places and sharing experiences.

Travelling by van was just a dream for a long time, but we believed time enough to make it our reality. Creating your dream life is a matter of having the right mindset.


My purpose

Creating my dream life wasn’t easy, but it was full of lessons I’ve learned along the way. Inspired by my own journey, I’ve created a method that today I teach other people through workshops and public talks. This method is based on 4 stages: Dream, Plan, Do & Share.

Beside my workshops, another way I inspire people to believe in their dreams is with my watercolours. They are inspired in bucket list goals, so you can have at home a everyday reminder to keep dreaming.